Swap Beta version

Thanks to the interest of many users, we have opened the alpha version so that you can experience โ€œSwap with Navigatorโ€, the core function of Swapscanner, before the launch.
We ask for your interest in the full technology and functions of Swap Scanner.

  • The swap function will be open before the pre-sale opens (1/18). official launch (1/28) (2/11)
  • Swapscanner fees within the period are free.
  • Swap rewards are not provided.

The swapscanner team has been preparing for a long time to launch the core service to expand the Klaytn ecosystem. We decided that it would be important to open the Beta version before the pre-sale to virtual asset investors and traders to experience the core functions of the real swap scanner.
  • In the case of the Beta version, please understand that the server may be a bit unstable if there are many users.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement while using the open 'Beta version', please contact us within the channel, and we will actively reflect the content to provide a high-quality service.
  • If you find a problem during use, such as the normal swap not proceeding or the view is broken, please report it to the email address below with a detailed description of the situation and attach a screenshot.
1) If it is confirmed as a bug, we will provide โ€œ2 Swap route NFTsโ€ per case as a token of appreciation for those who contributed to the development of the service.
2) The e-mail address is [email protected]
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Experience the Swapscanner through the Beta version before the launch!
Beta version open policy