Pro Chart

Swapscanner has adopted the most accurate way to consolidate the market price data that is most suitable on DEX ecosystem.
Now with the Swapscanner you can utilize the actual current rate.

Supports up to 6 multi-chart functions through the menu at the top of Pro Chart

You can check all swap details without cumbersome access to the Klaytn scope.

You can add your favorite routes via the star icon in the upper left corner and in the token selector.

  • Powered by TradingView The 'Pro Chart' is being powered by TradingView, which powers many other large exchanges, including Binance, FTX, UpBit, and CoinMarketCap.
  • Maximized usability We have engineered the 'Pro Chart' to provide the most optimal usability on desktop, tablet, and mobile phones.
  • Various types chart Pro Chart provides various of different chart and candlestick types, including baseline, and area chart.
  • 50+ intelligent drawing tools Providing over 50 tools, including trend line, fibonacci, annotation, and pattern prediction, that can be accessed from the drawing panel.
  • 80+ indicators Providing over 80 indicators for professional traders, including ATR, RSI, MACD, and EMA.
  • Various price scaling We provide many price scaling options including linear, percentage, and log scale.

Adding From/to token pairs to favorite feature will be opened soon with electrifying UI.

The very first 'Limit Order' feature is in development to provide the optimal price of tokens using every single LPs.

We're developing P2P Token Swap feature that can safely act as an arbitrator for token swaps between individuals through smart contracts. This can be useful when there is insufficient liquidity in large-scale OTC transactions, or when there is a high PI (price impact). In particular, you will be able to trade tokens that are not yet traded on the market.
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The first and the most accurate market data on Klaytn network
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Planned: Add to favorite
Planned: Limit Order (until this year)
Planned: P2P Token Swap: (until this year)