Staking? It is the act of entrusting the user's virtual assets to the protocol. The protocol rewards staking participants with a certain amount of cryptocurrency for their merit.

Swapscanner’s feature

Unlike other DEXs that have to reward multiple LP depositors, Swapscanner uses the reward volume exclusively for SCNR holders.
  • single staking of SCNR tokens
This is a way to earn additional SCNR tokens by staking only SCNR tokens.
  • LP token staking of SCNR<->KLAY
This is a way to provide liquidity for both SCNR and KLAY tokens and to receive rewards by depositing the issued LP tokens.


  • 30% of the total swap fees accrued on the swapscanner are regularly distributed according to the amount and duration of a single staking deposit.
  • If you cancel a single staking SCNR token, it takes 7 days for the SCNR token to be deposited into your wallet.
  • SCNR<->Klay LP Staking is deposited immediately upon cancellation.