Wallets that supports Klaytn network has some lack-of-usability issues that we have noticed.
Therefore, we are introducing an alpha version of the Wallet feature, in order to provide consistent user experience and functionality, no matter which type of wallet you are using.
Using our Wallet feature, you can now monitor and transfer whatever token that you own, on PC or mobile, no matter what platform you are using.
We are currently and actively in touch with major wallet providers, to add more and more features to improve your experience.
Also, we are looking forward to bringing asset management and dashboard features to the Wallet page.


  • Provides a list of all the tokens and their balances that you have currently in your wallet.
  • You can even transfer your tokens.
  • It also organizes your current staked SCNR related assets.
  • This will be our first step to further integrate with other major wallet services. Also for additional asset management and dashboard features