Motive for development

The need for DEX Aggregator in Klaytn Ecosystem

We first identified the overall token exchange market size of the Klaytn Network. It's already a big market with over $6 billion per month. However, token types and liquidity of all DEXs are fragmented.
So, swapscanner aims to unify the liquidity of all DEXs and provide users with an optimal token exchange price.

Improved stability and transparency

  • Most services in the Klaytn ecosystem are still centrally operated. We pursue a fully decentralized organization through DAO.
  • For some services in the Klaytn ecosystem, the operating entity can arbitrarily manipulate the contract. We improved transparency by making the contract impossible to tamper with by anyone, including the operating entity.
  • We have completed a code security audit through Haechi labs.

Tokenomics design for shared growth with users

SCNR token holders can continuously receive 30% of swap scanner’s swap fee according to their stake. In addition, 40% of the swap fee is used for buyback, protecting the value of the SCNR token.

What Klaytn Needs: Pro Chart

Before SwapScanner, there was no chart service that showed the proper token price within the Klaytn ecosystem.
Swapscanner provides the pro chart function necessary for the growth of the Klaytn network. We provide accurate data by deriving the median price considering the LP of all DEXs.

What Klaytn Needs: Asset Management

A wallet that supports Klaytn has various inconveniences. Also, it is not possible to invest in all Klaytn Defi on one platform yet. Swapscanner provides the same usability for all wallets through the wallet function. Finally, we will update all the defi investments to be made in the swap scanner.