Development Motivation and Necessity

To enhance the overall user experience within the Klaytn ecosystem, Swapscanner aims to become a one-stop platform where Klaytn DeFi investors can engage in trading, investment, and asset management seamlessly. Here's why Swapscanner's development was crucial:

Market Fragmentation and Integration Need

The Klaytn network's token exchange market, despite its global scale, suffers from fragmentation due to varying liquidity and supported tokens across different DEXes. Swapscanner seeks to unify this fragmented market as a next-generation DEX Aggregator, ensuring the best prices and reducing overpayment due to market inefficiencies.

Need for Enhanced Stability and Transparency

Unlike some services that allow contract upgrades, Swapscanner ensures operational security and transparency by making it impossible for anyone, including the operators, to tamper with contracts. This is further bolstered by audits from HAECHI LABS and CERTIK, emphasizing our commitment to reliability.

Reliable KLAY Single Staking Service

Addressing the inconvenience caused by a 7-day lockup period for unstaking in conventional services, Swapscanner offers instant exchange options without the lockup, enhancing the liquidity and attractiveness of KLAY staking.

Symbiosis with All Klaytn Network DEXes

Swapscanner coexists with all DEXes in the Klaytn network, providing traders with the best exchange routes by aggregating all DEXes. This integration ensures users benefit from comprehensive market access through a single platform.

Essential Features for the Network:

  • Pro Charts: The absence of accurate market price charts in the Klaytn network is addressed by Swapscanner, offering professional charting tools that consider LPs from all DEXes for precise market prices. This enables technical analysis and trading, filling a critical gap in the market.

  • Asset Management: Swapscanner introduces portfolio management capabilities, allowing for an overview of assets across protocols and wallets, simplifying asset tracking, and management for users.

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