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Swapscanner aims to be a one-stop platform for the Klaytn ecosystem. Starting as a next-generation DEX aggregator, we are providing services such as Pro chart and Wallet sequentially.
DEX Aggregator? DEX aggregator provides users with the optimal token exchange price. So, you no longer need to search for the lowest price!

Guaranteed optimal token swap based on $1B liquidities

Using the liquidity of all DEX on Klaytn, our engine Navigator finds the optimal swap route. We always offer the best price.

Sharing 30% of the swap commission to the SCNR token holders!

30% of the total swap fee is distributed periodically to holders of SCNR, the Swapscanner’s governance token. We expect the commission to grow over time since our mission/vision will bring more traffic, feature more features, and expand to other networks.

Official KLAY single staking service operated by the Klaytn Governance Council (GC)

Swapscanner is a Governance Council (GC) member that runs the Klaytn ecosystem and is a leading dApp service with the highest transaction share. Based on the trust it has built since its launch, it operates the official KLAY single staking service (GCKLAY). Swapscanner accelerates the decentralization of the Klaytn ecosystem by allowing more ecosystem participants to exercise their GC voting rights through GCKLAY.

Pro chart, the first and the most accurate market data on Klaytn network

Swapscanner has adopted an accurate way to calculate the market price data most suitable for the DEX ecosystem.
Now with the Swapscanner you can utilize the actual current rate.

Wallet service with improved usability

Each wallet that supports the Klaytn network has different usability and inconvenience. Now, experience the same user experience through Swapscanner's wallet service!

What you can do

  • Trading: The swap feature allows you to swap tokens with optimal efficiency.
  • Charting: The Pro Chart feature lets you view accurate Klaytn DApp token price charts for technical analysis and trading in real-time.
  • Chat: Chat with other holders in real time via the floating icon in the bottom right corner.
  • KLAY Single Staking (GCKLAY): You can stake your KLAY to earn additional KLAY.
  • SCNR-related staking: You can earn rewards by staking SCNR tokens or SCNR<->KLAY LP tokens. A single SCNR staker receives a share of Swapscanner's total swap fee revenue every quarter.
  • Dashboard view: You can monitor all Klaytn tokens and the ecosystem through the Tokens, Dashboard feature.
  • Asset Management: You can view and transfer assets for all your tokens through the Wallet feature.