GCKLAY Unstaking NFT

GCKLAY Unstaking NFT is an NFT that serves as a certificate of KLAY staking in Swapscanner.


The GCKLAY Unstaking NFT is issued to your wallet immediately upon unstaking GCKLAY on Swapscanner.

Contract Address

Utility and Policy

  • After a 7-day lock-up period, this NFT guarantees the right to withdraw (exchange) the staked amount of KLAY. Owners of the unstaking NFT can sell it on the market to exchange for KLAY immediately.

  • After 14 days (including the lock-up period), the NFT transitions to an "expired" status. Expired NFTs are not destroyed but can be used for restaking.

  • If KLAY is withdrawn in any manner other than NFT sale within 14 days, the GCKLAY Unstaking NFT will be destroyed.

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