Risk & Security

All participants who read the guide below and use the swapscanner are deemed to have understood and agreed to the contents.
Swapscanner is a decentralized application (Dapp) developed on the Klaytn platform. Users of SwapScanner can use functions such as exchange with multiple virtual currencies, liquidity supply, and staking through the provided interface.

Asset deposit and withdrawal

Users should pay attention to the following when depositing and withdrawing assets from the swap scanner. To request a transaction, you must have a Klaytn wallet that supports Klaytn assets and a certain amount of Klaytn (KLAY) to be used as a transaction processing fee (gas fee). Also, when depositing virtual assets on the swap scanner, it must be in the form of a Klaytn Compatible Token (KCT) issued on the Klaytn Chain. In other words, assets from other heterogeneous chains must be converted to Klaytn compatible tokens (k-assets) through the bridge site and deposited.

Risk of Non-Permanent Loss

Non-permanent losses occur when the price of a deposited asset changes after providing liquidity to the liquidity pool. We acknowledge that we may incur non-permanent losses when providing liquidity to swapscanner.


  • Users must carefully evaluate and consider the risk of loss in each transaction within the Swapscanner and proceed with the transaction at their own risk and judgment.
  • All information provided by Swapscanner is a supplementary material to help decentralized trading and is not an investment recommendation.
  • Swapscanner makes every effort to provide accurate and neutral information as possible, but does not guarantee the timeliness, suitability or accuracy of such information.
  • Although swapscanner strives for maximum stability, there may be flaws that cannot be discovered, and there is a risk of loss of principal due to asset theft crimes such as hacking and flash loan attacks that exploit these flaws.
  • Interface provision may be suspended/terminated without notice due to factors such as increased transaction congestion on the Klaytn Chain, computer system errors, software attacks, and natural disasters.
  • Swapscanner is not responsible for any third-party services, including the Klaytn Blockchain Platform. To the extent permitted by law, if there is no intentional or gross negligence of the swap scanner, the swap scanner shall not be held liable.