Q1 2022: Service opening and growth as the largest DEX Aggregator on the Klaytn Network

  • Service Launch
  • Investment Attraction: Krust
  • Audit Completed: Haechi Labs
  • Stable Swap 2.0: Supports more efficient transactions between stablecoins
  • Dashboard: Provides Klaytn Network Token Exchange Market Data
  • Swap Route NFT

Q2 2022: Introduction of profit sharing benefits for SCNR token holders and laying the groundwork for Klaytn’s one-stop platform

  • 30% of the swap fee, continuing to distribute revenue to SCNR token holders
  • Initiate design and technology R&D for limit order
  • Pro Chart : First Klaytn to provide accurate token market price
  • Component: Provides various functions to multiple projects as an API Self-routing engine Navigator 426x faster
  • Wallet : Own wallet feature that provides the same user experience for all wallets Discord Community Migration

Q3 2022: Extending platform even further for the best user experience

  • Introducing the first limit order protocol on Klaytn network.
  • Launching Swapscanner mobile app version 1 for the best user experience on mobile phones.
  • Featuring Multi Chart
  • Major UI/UX Update Chat
  • Swapscanner API
  • Yet another Navigator optimization
  • More pools to be integrated

Q4 2022 : To be released

  • ...

2023 : To be released

  • ...