Team Capability

  • Operation & Service Design Team: Successfully lead projects based on the capabilities of service directors who have operated B2B platforms for many years and toquenomics experts who have studied the life cycle of blockchain projects.
  • Development Team: A development team composed of infrastructure experts from major tech companies based in Silicon Valley, USA provides transparent and stable services based on the best technology.
  • Marketing Team: Concentrate on promoting the platform by combining professional blockchain marketing based on the marketing director's capabilities who have conducted large-scale B2C digital marketing for many years.
  • Design Team: Based on the capabilities of designers with experience in various platform UIUX and app design, we design a user-friendly environment and service purpose.


  • We strive to make the Swapscanner a core token swap platform on Klaytn network.
  • We continously design and implement a deflation model to preserve your asset value, and defend the SCNR token value.
  • Our operation is based on transparency and stability, which is the essence of blockchain.
  • Constantly update engine to ensure the all-time best optimal route.