As the premier service offering insights into the Klaytn network's token exchange market, Swapscanner integrates all Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) and leverages the Navigator engine to track liquidity changes per block. Our dashboard provides a comprehensive analysis of the service status of Swapscanner and the Klaytn network token exchange market, empowering users with critical data for informed decision-making.

Key Data Available on Swapscanner's Dashboard:

  • Swapscanner Overview:

    • Market Share

    • Cumulative Trading Volume

    • Total Number of Trades

    • Revenue Distribution Fund Status

    • SCNR Token Circulation

    • Total Staking Amount and Staking Ratio

    • Buyback Fund Status

    • Burned SCNR Quantity

  • Klaytn Network Overview:

    • Total Liquidity Size

    • Total Number of Transactions

    • Total Trading Volume

    • Exchange Market Share (Volume/Transactions)

    • Trading Volume by LP Utilization

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