Swapscanner connects the liquidity of all DEXes, eliminating the need for separate liquidity provision through LP deposits. Unlike other DEXes that distribute ecosystem contribution rewards across various LP deposit lists, Swapscanner focuses exclusively on rewarding participants of SCNR single staking and SCNR <> KLAY LP staking.

SCNR Token Single Staking

This method allows participants to stake SCNR tokens and receive additional SCNR tokens as rewards for their contribution to the ecosystem.

SCNR<>KLAY LP Token Staking

Participants can supply liquidity using both SCNR and KLAY tokens, and stake the issued LP tokens to receive rewards for their contributions to the ecosystem.


  • Unstaking SCNR tokens from single staking will result in the tokens being deposited back into your wallet after a 7-day period.

  • For SCNR<->KLAY LP Staking, the tokens are deposited back immediately upon unstaking.

  • Reward status can be checked on the Staking page.

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