Experience the guaranteed lowest price token purchase with Swap!

With Swapscanner's Swap feature, we integrate all DEXes within the Klaytn network, utilizing our swap routing engine, Navigator, to ensure you can purchase all types of tokens, including stablecoins, at the lowest price. Our list of integrated DEXes is continuously updated with each new DEX launch on the Klaytn network.

  • Currently Integrated DEXes: KLAYswap, DragonSwap, SuperWalk, Neopin, ClaimSwap, KokonutSwap, DeFi Kingdoms, Pala, Pangea Swap, Definix, UFOswap, RoundRobin, TaalSwap, Eklipse

Moreover, Swapscanner provides the lowest price, including gas fees. Thus, even if another DEX appears to offer better swap efficiency at face value, Swapscanner invariably provides greater efficiency once gas fees are accounted for.

Supporting the Largest Variety of Tokens within the Ecosystem

Supporting all types of liquidity, bridging assets, and DEXes within the ecosystem, enabling swaps for over 200+ tokens on the Klaytn chain.

Simplified Swap Interface

Our Swap page features a streamlined interface, focusing solely on swap functionalities. For those seeking more advanced swap features like charts, routing paths, and swap history, we recommend the Pro Chart page.

Transparent Price Comparison

Swapscanner enables transparent price comparisons between token exchanges on our platform and other DEXes, ensuring you always get the best deal.

Detailed Swap Paths

See for yourself the full array of DEXs and the percentage of token splits involved in your transaction, made possible by our in-house swap routing engine, Navigator, to guarantee the lowest price token purchase.

Path Algorithm Choices

Users can select their preferred swap path algorithm on Swapscanner. The default setting optimizes for gas fees.

  • Gas Fee Optimization Algorithm: Chooses the path that, considering gas fees, results in a larger final amount received.

  • Maximized Receipt Amount Algorithm: Selects the path that would yield the maximum amount received, disregarding gas fees.

For instance, consider two optimized paths for exchanging into KLAY:

  • With the gas fee optimization, you might receive 2.8 KLAY and only pay 0.1 KLAY in gas fees (final receipt of 2.7 KLAY).

  • The maximized receipt amount might yield 3 KLAY but requires 0.5 KLAY in gas fees (final receipt of 2.5 KLAY).

Swap with KRW/USD Input Feature

We've updated the swap feature to allow for input of KRW/USD in the 'From' field, enhancing the user's swapping experience.

Lowest Swap Fee Policy

  • 30% of the amount saved through Swapscanner during a trade

  • Unlike other DEXes that charge a fee of 0.x% on the transaction size, Swapscanner charges 30% of the amount saved through our service. This fee structure is unique to Swapscanner, ensuring the lowest token purchase price.

  • For example, if you saved 100 KRW swapping Token A for Token B through Swapscanner compared to the next cheapest option, C DEX, a fee of 30 KRW, which is 30% of the savings, would be incurred.

  • In cases without a comparison group, a fee of 0.3% of the transaction amount

  • The maximum trading fee is capped at 0.875% of the transaction amount.

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