Tokens dashboard

Swapscanner delivers an experience akin to centralized exchanges (CEX) for its users. As the first tokens dashboard on the Klaytn network, it enables convenient market insights without the need to individually check charts.


  • Listing of All Tradable Tokens on Klaytn: Comprehensive access to every token available for trade within the Klaytn ecosystem.

  • Real-time Access to the Most Accurate Prices: Ensures users are always informed with the latest and most precise market data.

  • Simplified Charts for Hundreds of Tokens: Offers easy-to-understand charts, providing quick insights into token performance.

  • Token Search Functionality: Allows users to easily find and track the tokens they are interested in.

  • Favorites and Popular Tokens List: Enables users to bookmark their frequently accessed tokens and view a curated list of popular tokens.

  • Wallet Token Addition Feature: Users can effortlessly add tokens to their wallet directly from the dashboard.

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