Swap Route NFT

What is a Swap Route NFT?

Swap Route NFT is the inaugural membership card NFT introduced by Swapscanner, based on the largest token swap routes within the Klaytn network.

How to View Your NFT


Inspired by boarding passes, this NFT is designed with a unique token swap route explicitly detailed on it.

NFT Path Generation

Paths are generated randomly through code for all routes. The Swapscanner team does not manually create or mint any NFTs for specific routes.


By connecting a wallet that holds the NFT, users automatically receive free swap fees for the token path specified when using Swapscanner.


Lifetime free swap fees for swaps made on the token route specified in the NFT. For example, if the NFT specifies KLAY and oETH, the swap fee will be zero when swapping KLAY for oETH.

Minting Methods

  • Distributed to top participants in the presale
  • Available for trading on the NFT market