Swap Route NFT

Swap route NFT?

Membership NFT provided by Swapscanner based on the largest swap route in the Klaytn Network.
You can check and trade the issued NFTs through the link above.


Inspired by the boarding pass, the NFT has its own token swap route specified.

Swap Route NFT creation method

A random NFT is generated for every route.


When using a Swapscanner by linking a wallet with NFT, the swap fee for the corresponding route is free for life.
For example, if KLAY and oETH are listed in the NFT, the swap fee is $0 when swapping KLAY to oETH.


  • Minting for top pre-sale participants
  • Airdrop through event
  • Airdrop for scnr token holders *Details to be announced soon
  • buy from nft market