Crypto Pool 2.0


Swapscanner also aggregated DEXs that support the Crypto Pool, which provides more efficient liquidity than the existing CPMM method. Using all advanced forms of liquidity such as crypto pools, AMMs, and Stable Swap, we are achieving dramatic efficiency gains, which is Crypto Pool 2.0 proposed by Swapscanner.
Crypto Pool?
It is an algorithm that provides more efficient liquidity by applying a part of the stable swap algorithm to trading between assets with fluctuating values. This groundbreaking liquidity algorithm proposed by Curve Finance has recently been applied by several DEXs in the Klaytn Network.

Principles of Crypto Pools

Crypto pools efficiently use the liquidity of volatile coin pairs by concentrating on the current price. At a price that is balanced between coins, it provides centralized liquidity like a stable swap, and provides liquidity of the general CPMM method in an area outside the equilibrium price. A graph of this is shown below.
Orange Line: Crypto Pool
Sky Blue Line: Stable Swap
Dotted line: CPMM