Update history

  • Open Alpha Version of Swap with Navigator
  • Stable Swap 2.0 Announcement and Update: Supports more efficient stablecoin transactions by linking the stable swap DEX
  • Backer confirmation notice
  • Token allocation change
  • Pre-sale schedule, quantity, lock-up period change
  • Notice regarding extension of alpha service
  • Pre-sale sold out in 4 seconds Token
  • exchange rate view and swap history function update
  • 2nd in share of Klaytn network token swap (22.8%) in the 1st week of beta service opening
  • Aggregated i4i, a stable swap DEX
  • Announcement of changes to token distribution date and linear distribution policy for pre-sale participants, white paper update
  • announcement of airdrop event winner announcement and token distribution date, white paper update
  • 2nd in share of Klaytn network token swap (22.8%) in the 2nd week of beta service opening
  • Dark mode update on website
  • link Klip, Dcent wallet
  • Minimum slippage 0.1% update
  • 1st in share of Klaytn network token swap (46.22%) in the 3rd week of beta service opening
  • Site optimization through auto-refresh
  • condition update Application of auto-scaling to prepare for the increase in users
  • Metamask Mobile Wallet Creation and Connection White Paper Update
  • Auto-scaling scale and sensitivity advancement for smooth service use
  • Service officially opened
  • Lead Investor Krust Disclosure
  • Hatch Labs audit report released
  • SCNR token listing and 1,681,920 SCNR - 2,522,880 KLAY liquidity supply
  • Staking function open
  • Update notice function when commission is set above 10% of minimum receipt
  • Update the delink algorithm for distorted LPs from other DEXs
  • On the first day of the official service opening, the Klaytn Network token transaction share reached No. 1 (55.17%)
  • Swap route NFT OPEN SEA Upload270
  • random minting 270ea of swap root NFTs for the top participants in the pre-sale
  • Menu: Add SCNR price information, delete pre-sale menu
  • Swap View: Added toggle to set whether or not fees are included, improved SCNR reward history view when swapping, added token addition function in wallet, added how to view token address in Klaytn scope
  • Staking View: Add Total Value Locked (TVL)
  • Performance improvement: some site performance tuning
  • Stable swap DEX 'Eklipse' partnership agreement
  • Stable swap DEX 'i4i' partnership agreement
  • Staking View: Added display of my deposit total in KRW
  • Mobile: Optimize mobile staking view, fix lockup error after unstaking Clip Wallet
  • Added i4i KBUSD pool
  • Eklipse LP price calculation and swap logic optimization
  • Klaytn network DEX 'Claimswap' partnership aggrement
  • Klaytn network DEX 'UFOswap' partnership aggrement
  • Klaytn network DEX 'pala' partnership aggrement
  • Klaytn network DEX 'NEURONswap' partnership aggrement
  • Klaytn network DEX 'Taalswap' partnership aggrement
  • Bus token LP overflow problem report released
  • March update notice
    • Start asset management for all available funds, such as the remaining buyback fund, team treasurer fund, and company-specific funds, and use 100% of profits for buyback
    • A dashboard to monitor the entire Klaytn token exchange market will be launched
  • Swapscanner dashboard launch
  • Buyback and burn test through buyback fund management profits (Secondary burn)
  • Swapscanner accumulated trading volume exceeded KRW 1 trillion
  • Partnership with Klaytn DeFi service 'KAIROS CASH'
  • Partnership with Klaytn DeFi service 'KRONOS DAO'
  • Dashboard update
    • Click on token name to go to swap page
    • Addition of token ranking number of transactions, transaction amount, and price ascending/descending order
    • Added Klaytn Ecosystem Total Transactions Chart
    • Swapscanner cumulative number of swaps,cumulative trading volume added
  • Partnership with Klaytn DeFi service 'Electrik finance'
  • Q2 Roadmap Update
    • 30% of the swap commission will be distributed regularly to the SCNR token holders.
    • Expanding the underlying value of the SCNR tokens.
    • Assembling the limit order tiger team.
    • Pro chart feature.
    • Improving efficiency of the Navigator, our routing engine.
    • Swapscanner API and components.
    • Developing data-driven business.
    • Change of the operating policy (swap commisssion, swap fee distribution, buyback fund, etc.)
  • Pro Chart and Simple Swap Update
  • Partnership with Klaytn NFT Protocol 'Gaia Protocol'
  • The 1st Swap Competition by Swapscanner
  • 'Symbiotik' partnership agreement
  • Partnership with Klaytn-based loan platform 'Popcorn Money'
  • Routing engine improvement and wallet function open
  • 426x faster swap routing engine 'Navigator'
  • Open 'Wallet' function that can be linked with all wallets
  • Signed a partnership with 'KNS', a Klaytn-based domain name service
  • New pool aggregation of Curve crypto pool (v2) method for the first time in the network
  • Provides a more optimal swap ratio
  • Removed SCNR reward when swapping according to Q2 update
  • Added 'Buyback Fund' section in dashboard
  • Added daily automatic buyback function for asset management interest using 'Team Unique Fund and Buyback Fund'
  • Shorten cycle of token price on wallet page (1 day -> up to 1 hour)
  • Completed a total of 200 swap route NFTs to the top 100 swap contest winners and lottery winners
  • Partnership with Klaytn-based Yield Optimizer 'Klayfi'
  • Wallet
    • Update wallet page to reflect token price in real time (~1 min)
    • You can also check the list of staking related to SCNR on the wallet page
    • 월Added ability to search for other wallet addresses on the wallet page
  • Dashboard
    • Added 'Revenue Sharing Fund' item to dashboard
  • Pro Chart & Swap
    • Detach the volume panel from the pro chart (click the reset button)
    • Added sort function when selecting tokens (in descending order of holdings)
    • Changed so that search results are displayed regardless of filter settings when searching for tokens
  • Change fee currency: KLAY -> oUSDC
  • Added 25%, 50%, 75%, max buttons when swapping
  • Update input values ​​to have similar values ​​when switching token From/To
  • SCNR Token & Swap Route NFT’s Clip Wallet Listing
  • Added ‘Estimated Revenue Share Annual Rate’ to the staking page
  • Complete distribution of tokens to pre-sale participants (block number 91364840)
  • chart
    • Completed development of API to provide real-time token price for partnership
    • Improved chart performance and price calculation logic
    • Tokens without liquidity are excluded from exposure
  • dashboard
    • Token price data reflected in real time
  • Etc
    • Improvement of internal observability for service advancement
  • Performance improvement and cost reduction by optimizing chart, infrastructure, DB, and Navigator engine
  • Updated so that auto-refresh works even in multi-window
  • dashboard
    • Reflecting the price data in the token ranking in real time
  • wallet
    • Real-time reflection of price data in asset history
    • View support to see which swap root NFTs you have
  • aggregation
    • Full aggregation of all crypto pools in Coconut Swap
  • Etc
    • Fixed possibility that reverting could occur when swapping
    • Internal Observability Improvements
    • Improved staking page design
  • design
    • Improved wallet page design
    • Swap UI improvements
  • chart
    • Show exchange price and change in your favorites
26 types of Swapscanner emoticons launched
  • Pre-release of the profit sharing screen
  • Completed the first revenue share for holders
    • Total revenue share: 218,064.511246 oUSDC
    • Period: Block number 86886701 ~ 95688562
  • Swapscanner achieved 53% share of Klaytn ecosystem
  • Minor bug fixes and service improvements
  • Fixed an error where coin quantity was reflected late after swap
  • Fixed a bug where the scroll bar on the staking screen disappeared after transferring tokens from the wallet
  • Partnership with 'States Dao' in connection with Code States, the largest developer training institution in Korea
  • Swapscanner 3Q Roadmap Released
    • Open Limit Order function
    • Mobile App ver1. Release
    • Open multi chart function in Pro Chart
    • Service UI/UX major update
    • Chart combined chat service open
    • Swapscanner API Released
  • Multi-chart function update in Pro Chart
  • Added share of 1 inch service in dashboard
  • Partnership with 'Pangea' that provides concentrated liquidity on Klaytn Network
  • Main page (HOME) UI/UX update
    • Added real-time token prices
    • Simplified service description
  • Tokens Dashboard Update
    • You can check the price of all tokens in Klaytn in real time, just like the CEX
    • Hundreds of quick charts provided
  • Achieved market share of 63.8%
  • Fixed a bug in swap history
  • ️When staking, unstaking, receiving interest, or re-depositing, balance details are immediately reflected on the wallet page
  • New backer announce: Ground X
  • Various collaborations are in progress with Ground X that operates the 'klip.'
  • Attracting additional strategic investors in progress: expected to end in September
  • Investment funds will be added into the team's asset management portfolio and all interest income will be used for SCNR buybacks and burns.
  • Improved staking history and dashboard loading speed
  • You can check the date/transaction/type (deposit, withdrawal)/quantity on the staking page
  • Improved dashboard loading speed
  • Partnership with 'Klex finance', a swap protocol implemented with Balancer V2
  • The swap function in the Klip wallet is launched using the swap scanner API.
  • Released on the Klip app
  • It will be launched on Klip in KakaoTalk later.
  • The two companies plan to collaborate on multi-chain expansion
  • Service Details Update
    • Pro Chart: Reflects real-time trading
    • Web: Menu renewal, component design change, update to show the connected wallet icon when connecting wallet, renewal of some tokens and partner company logos, update of wording related to re-staking
    • Bug Fix: Resolved a bug where the screen was broken when the page was refreshed, and a bug reported to the community was resolved.
  • 'Pangea Swap' lntegration
    • Integration of Pangea Swap, a DEX that follows the centralized liquidity supply logic of ‘Sushiswap Trident’
    • The only DEX aggregator in the ecosystem that supports DEX of all algorithms, enabling stronger swap efficiency.
  • Q3 Business Report (Summary)
    • Multichart: Complete
    • CEX-like UI/UX: Complete
    • Swapscanner API release and partner company installation: Complete
    • Navigator 3.0 advancement and integrating new DEXes : Complete
    • Chat service: 90%
    • Mobile app: 90%
    • Limit Order: 90% -> 40%
  • Q4 Roadmap(Summary)
    • Multi-chain expansion: Ethereum
    • Launch Chat service and Mobile app
    • KLAY single public staking service development
    • SCNR Utility expansion
    • Navigator 4.0 engine upgrade and Limit Order development
    • Swapscanner API public release
    • US R&D Center Expansion
  • Partnership with ‘Kai protocol’, a stablecoin project based on algorithm and collateral
    • Swapscanner is connected to Kai token purchase on Kai protocol first.
    • Collaborate to apply swap and chart API in the future
  • On October 6th, we signed an official partnership with ‘D’CENT’, a hardware wallet service widely used in Korea.
  • IO Trust, the company operating D'CENT, is a group of experts with more than 15 years of experience in developing embedded security solutions. Various collaborations are underway, including support for swap functions using the swap scanner API.
    • D'CENT wallet support in Swapscanner
    • Swapscanner exposed in discovery menu of D'CENT wallet
    • SCNR token listing
    • Plan to support swap function using Swapscanner API in D'CENT wallet
  • New backer announce : MARBLEX(MBX)
  • MARBLEX is a blockchain subsidiary of Netmarble, a sizeable Korean game company with various game IPs. Currently, P2E games such as ‘A3: Still Alive (Global)’ and ‘Second Country (Global)’ are running on the MBX platform.
  • We have attracted this strategic investment for the following four reasons.
    • Funding: We have secured enough funds to bridge the gap with other protocols during the Crypto Winter period.
    • Collaboration with P2E games: P2E games are the best way to bring many Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0. Swapscanner aims to become an integrated exchange where all game tokens can be exchanged.
    • Global expansion: We are preparing to enter the global market with P2E game companies.
    • MBX and KLAY Ecosystem Contribution: We want to serve as a bridge between P2E users and DeFi users. We will further revitalize the KLAY ecosystem beyond the MBX ecosystem.
  • Join the Klaytn Governance Council
    • Swapscanner officially joined the Klaytn Governance Council in recognition of our contribution to the Klaytn ecosystem.
  • As a GC member, we plan to fulfill the following promises:
    • Stable Klaytn Node Operation
    • KLAY Single Staking Service
    • Ecosystem return of node operation rewards
    • Proactively propose agenda to KIR and KGF
    • Launch of a service that can monitor GC activity
  • As a member of the Klaytn Governance Council, vote to agree on the ‘KLAY Supply Reduction Agenda’
  • 18th Official Partnership ‘Ozys’
    • Signed an official partnership with ‘Ozys’, the operator of ‘Klayswap’, ‘Orbit bridge’, and ‘Klaytnscope’
    • Establish a hotline to support stable service
    • Collaboration for multi-chain expansion
    • Collaboration to provide additional SCNR liquidity
    • Marketing Collaboration
  • Q4 2022 revenue sharing
    • Total revenue share: 102,583.11 oUSDC
    • Profit sharing to: Wallets deposited in SCNR single staking
    • Snapshot Period: Block No. #95688562 ~ #105024618 (2022-07-12 ~ 2022-10-28 00:00 UTC)
  • Added a function to sort token dashboard by transaction volume/change rate
  • 19th Official Partnership 'BPMG'
    • Partnership with BPMG, the operator of the blockchain game platform ‘Gemhub’ and the multi-chain-based wallet ‘KMint’
    • KMINT wallet listing on Swapscanner
    • Swap API to be provided to Kmint wallet
    • Token swap collaboration within the Gemhub game platform
  • 20th Official Partnership 'DKR'
    • Partnership with Drawshop Kingdom Reserve, a metaverse game that adds GameFi elements such as DAO-based NFT and P2E
    • Collaboration on DKR-related token liquidity supply in Klaytn
    • Swap API will provide to DKR